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Qualia Reconciliation Service Customer Survey 2022

Quantifying the Benefits of Outsourced Reconciliation Services

Reconciliations can be an especially time-consuming task for title & escrow businesses—particularly when staff are busy managing the day-to-day demands of transactions and client needs. One solution to resolve the tension around how to prioritize and balance reconciliations with other business-critical tasks is to leverage a third party outsourced reconciliation service.

What's in this whitepaper

To better understand how outsourced reconciliation services benefit title businesses, Qualia surveyed 50+ users of its Reconciliation Service. The survey uncovered quantifiable metrics to support the value of outsourcing reconciliation services—and specifically the value of Qualia Reconciliation Service, which combines technology with expert reconciliation specialists who perform daily and monthly reconciliation tasks and identify audit red flags.

Explore the survey to review quantifiable results from Qualia customers including:

  • The average amount of time processors saved per day on reconciliations.
  • What percentage of survey respondents were confident in their ability to detect fraud or suspicious activity.
  • How much customers saved on bank fees annually by switching to a partner bank.