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Qualia Marketplace Customer Survey 2022

Measuring the Value of Centralized Vendor Management

Qualia surveyed customers nationwide to quantify the value of centralized vendor management. By centralizing vendor management, title companies can scale closing processes to quickly find high-quality vendors, automatically order closing services, and track performance, all in one place. Download the results of the survey to see the impact Qualia Marketplace can have on your business.

What's in this whitepaper

Qualia surveyed 100+ Marketplace users to gain more insight into how centralizing vendor management and simplifying the ordering process benefits title businesses. The survey revealed quantifiable results that support the value of leveraging vendors to create time savings and improve the quality of service—specifically in Qualia Marketplace.

Explore the survey to review quantifiable results from Qualia customers including:

  • The average number of minutes processors saved per file and the average number of days reduced per closing.
  • How many more orders processors could handle per month with Qualia Marketplace.
  • The percentage of survey respondents who were confident in the predictability of vendor turn times in Qualia Marketplace.