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Qualia’s 2022 Homebuyer Sentiment Index

Qualia is keeping a finger on the pulse of shifting consumer preferences in our Homebuyer Sentiment Index. In our latest installment, we commissioned Savanta, a third-party research firm, to track how homebuyer expectations have evolved since our last survey. The results of our survey underscore the importance of connectivity to drive forward an optimized homebuying experience.

What’s in the report

By exploring the homebuying process from start to finish, our report offers a look into the homebuyer’s perception of the entire journey and how one aspect of the homebuying experience informs the other.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What consumers expect during the home search, financing, and closing process
  • How the current economic environment impacts homebuying decisions
  • How real estate agents, lenders, and title & escrow agents can deliver an optimized client experience