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Combating Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

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45 – Minutes

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Wire fraud is one of the greatest financial threats facing the real estate industry. With fraudsters becoming increasingly adept at perpetrating wire fraud scams, title & escrow companies need to be constantly on guard and arm themselves with a proactive strategy for detecting and mitigating wire fraud in the transactions they manage.

Join Qualia's New Title Operations Consultant, Jewel Quintyne, as she discusses wire fraud with US Bank's Vice President, Treasury Management Consultant, Andy Koch, and Vice President, Working Capital Consultant, John Melvin. This expert panel will explore emerging schemes in wire fraud and how title & escrow companies can protect themselves and their clients from bad actors. 

What You'll Learn

  • Why real estate transactions are a prime target for wire fraud
  • How bad actors commonly commit wire fraud and new ways their scams are emerging
  • How a layered security approach can help mitigate and detect wire fraud
  • Why wire fraud detection technology is critical to title & escrow operations

Your Panelists for this Webinar are:

  • Andy Koch

    Vice President, Treasury Management Consultant | US Bank

  • Jewel Quintyne

    New Title Operations Consultant | Qualia

  • John Melvin

    Vice President, Working Capital Consultant | US Bank