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Alliant executive describes Qualia as one of the most innovative software platforms in the market



Alliant National is one of the largest independent title insurance underwriters in the nation with no direct or affiliate operations. And as the Vice President of Business Development, Mike Rubin, focuses on developing new partnerships with title companies to help them expand their business. Learn why Rubin describes Qualia as one of the “most innovative software platforms in the market.”

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I called my title agent in Minneapolis immediately after watching the demo, and I told him to stop everything and take a look at Qualia. He called me back in 30 minutes and ended up making the switch to Qualia.

- Mike Rubin, Vice President of Business Development

“Qualia is one of the most innovative tools in the market.”
Working with title companies on Qualia for the past two years, Rubin describes Qualia as one of the most innovative tools in the market. Created as a cloud-based software, Qualia provides cutting edge automation tools and an intuitive workflow that enables title companies to increase productivity and attract more customers. Rubin stressed the importance of equipping title companies with the leading software platform. “We want our agents to have the best processes and systems available to them because it makes their company more efficient and financially sound in the long term, and Qualia does a great job at that."
Alliant also recently sent out a survey to gauge how many of their agents were looking to change software platforms in the future, and over a third expressed interest in switching over the next two years. What was even more insightful was the fact that this included title companies who had been using the same closing platform for over a decade. For Rubin, this only indicates the need for title companies to explore and research new solutions the market has to offer. “The real estate transaction ecosystem is really changing. And for anyone who hasn’t looked at what’s available in the past 5-7 years, I recommend that they see what’s available, and that definitely includes Qualia.”
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