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Qualia and STRATMOR Group 2022 Study

Quantifying Inefficiencies of the Mortgage Settlement Process

To understand where breakdowns in the lender-title process typically occur, Qualia engaged STRATMOR Group, one of the most trusted data-driven advisory firms in the mortgage industry, to gather third-party, quantifiable benchmarking data to better identify, understand, and illustrate challenges within lender-title operations.

What's in the Report

The results of the Qualia and STRATMOR Group 2022 Study reveal the importance of effective lender-title coordination to meet borrower expectations and win new business. This research also uncovers addressable challenges lenders must overcome in order to smooth over their operations with title companies.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Where are the common points of breakdown for lenders working with title & escrow
  • What types of tools and automation lenders can leverage to improve their touchpoints with title & escrow
  • How lenders can leverage technology to gain insight into the title & escrow process to improve margins