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National Title Solutions Saves 30 Hours per Week with Qualia Marketplace



National Title Solutions is a title insurance and closing services provider that manages over a thousand files on a monthly basis. With their previous closing platform, the closing process was not streamlined with data spread across different tools, and tracking vendors was especially time-consuming. By switching over to Qualia’s title & escrow platform and Qualia Marketplace, National Title has saved 30 hours per week and cut costs by $12,000. Learn more about their success story by downloading the case study.

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"We easily save a ton of time per file with Qualia Marketplace — it just makes the examining portion go much faster. When we look at this across an entire month, that could be up to 30 hours saved every week that we can now use to grow the business."

- Ray Manuel, Vice President

Saved 30 hours per week by placing vendor orders through Qualia Marketplace
cost efficient
Saved $12,000 with Qualia’s built-in reporting functionality
With Qualia’s intuitive user interface, onboarding is faster and smoother
National Title Solutions has been consistently managing a high volume of orders - over 1000 files per month. So when it became clear that their closing platform was significantly delaying the order processing time, President Anthony Latham became concerned. The data workflow was spread across separate closing and reporting tools, and tracking orders from vendors was especially time-consuming. Latham wanted a new closing platform that could give him better reporting visibility into the business and support a high volume of orders with an efficient and automated workflow. After looking into several different software platforms — all of which posed challenges like poor workflow management and lack of integrations — National Title ultimately found Qualia and decided to make the switch.
With Qualia’s title & escrow platform and Qualia Marketplace, National Title’s team of 30 employees has saved 30 hours per week in the closing process. The Qualia Marketplace connects National Title to a nationwide network of vendors. Data from orders fulfilled in Marketplace automatically populate to files in Qualia’s closing platform, eliminating manual data re-entry. National Title now saves a significant amount of time per file by directly placing all vendor orders, including title and tax searches, through Qualia.

National Title has also been able to cut costs by transitioning onto Qualia. Before Qualia, National Title was spending an additional $12,000 for an add-on reporting tool that pulled data from their previous closing software. With Qualia’s built-in reporting functionality, National Title eliminated reporting tool costs and now gathers deeper insights into their sales operations. By tracking all orders by account and region, National Title can monitor customer activity and regional sales patterns, allowing the sales team to enhance process optimization, prioritize improvement opportunities, and identify regions experiencing slowed growth.

In addition to increased productivity and cost efficiency, Ray Manuel, Vice President of National Title, shared how Qualia has improved the internal hiring and onboarding process. Previous closing platforms required training specialists to come onsite and walk through the entire workflow for employees. With Qualia’s intuitive workflow management, a dedicated onboarding team, and online tutorials, processors from varying degrees of experience were able to transition smoothly onto the platform.
“With Qualia, I can hire someone on Monday and they would be able to start working by the end of the week. The system is very intuitive and easy to learn. And that’s a big relief because I don’t have to worry about dedicating weeks for people to get the right training.” 
- Ray Manuel, Vice President 
National Title now attributes 30 hours saved per week to Qualia’s seamless integrations, intuitive workflow management, and cutting-edge automation tools. They plan to continue to drive measurable business growth and deliver the best-in-class title closing experience with Qualia.

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