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Strategies for Streamlining Business Operations with Outside Partners

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2020 was a dominant refi market that often required less coordination for lenders with their title company partners. It’s predicted that 2021 will bring a strong purchase market and a need for greater coordination with outside partners. In this 20 minute segment, lending leaders discuss strategies and technology solutions to enable tighter coordination for greater efficiency.

In this video you’ll learn: 

  • How to ensure a smart closing strategy fits with your current production technology
  • Solutions you can implement to increase efficiency with outside partners
  • How technology helps streamline operations across title-lender relationships

Your Panelists for this Webinar are:

  • Kevin Peranio

    Chief Lending Officer at PRMG, Inc.

  • Andrew Mcelroy

    Senior Vice President at American Federal Mortgage Corporation

  • Mark Young

    President at Allied Title, LLC