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How Troy King Law Firm Leverages Automation in Qualia to Generate Custom Documents in Seconds

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Troy King Law Firm is based in Marietta, Georgia. Troy King founded his company in 2014 with the mission to provide personalized service to his clients. He uses Qualia to streamline his operations so he can spend more time focusing on serving his clients.

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“Qualia has elevated my firm and allows us to give better service to our clients. Everything that we offer is because of the Qualia Platform.”
-Troy King, Founder of Troy King Law Firm

Documents can be generated in seconds and are personalized for each file.
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Qualia’s training resources make document customization quick and painless.
Automation in Qualia decreases time spent on document generation and everyday tasks. 
Troy King started his company, Troy King Law Firm, in 2014 in Marietta, Georgia. Troy made the switch to Qualia this past year because he wanted a closing software that would increase his team’s efficiency, giving them more time to focus on their customers.
Before switching to Qualia, document generation was labor-intensive for Troy and his team. Anytime someone needed to generate a document for a closing, they would need to manually enter the file number, the borrower and sellers’ names, the legal description, and the signature block. This initial task could consume up to 10 minutes for each file.
“My previous software had so many limitations that I didn’t realize at the time. I’d have to open the deed template and manually enter the information for the file. With Qualia, everything pulls in automatically and the deed is ready in seconds.”
-Troy King, Founder of Troy King Law Firm
Custom document creation in Qualia is quick and easy. Documents can be created through the Admin section of Qualia and Smart Tags will pull information directly from the order into the document, minimizing time spent rekeying.
“Generating custom documents in Qualia is quick and easy. I spent hours on the weekend trying to figure out how to create custom documents in my previous software. With Qualia, I was able to create custom documents in under 30 minutes.”
-Troy King, Founder of Troy King Law Firm
Qualia provides many avenues for users to learn how to create custom documents. Such as:
   • Qualia University- Qualia’s online, self-paced training program.
   • Qualia Knowledge Base- 24/7 access to hundreds of step-by-step guides.
   • Qualia Customer Support- Trained industry experts available by phone or email.
Troy learned how to create custom documents by using the Qualia resources mentioned above. Within 30 minutes, Troy had created custom documents and was able to start using them for his files.
Troy is now able to generate customized documents in seconds, rather than the 10 minutes it took in his previous software. With the time saved in document generation, Troy and his team are able to focus on their customers’ experiences.
“Qualia gives me time back into my day to focus on my customers and their experience.”
-Troy King, Founder of Troy King Law Firm

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