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How Qualia University Powered Texas Excel Title's Onboarding and a 75% Reduction in Effort.

Texas Excel Title case study


Texas Excel Title is a title company based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After making the switch to Qualia, the Texas Excel Title team experienced immense efficiency gains. Closing document preparation time was reduced by 75%, leaving the team with more time to focus on their customers.


“Don’t waste any more time, switch to Qualia. From an owner’s perspective, I can’t see why you’d stay on any other system when you can be on a system that is cloud-based and is as robust as Qualia.”

-Amy Torres, Owner of Texas Excel Title

Closing documents can be prepared in 75% less time in Qualia.
Users can view Qualia University training videos from anywhere at any time.
The Customer Support team is highly qualified and available to assist Qualia users. 
Texas Excel Title is located in Southlake, Texas, and provides real estate closing services across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. With years of residential and commercial expertise, the Texas Excel Title team takes great pride in working efficiently for the good of their clients .
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Excel Title team began the transition from their previous closing software, a less efficient platform, to Qualia. Transitioning to new software can be a nerve-wracking thought in light of most companies' past experiences, especially during a pandemic, but Amy Torres, owner of Texas Excel Title, knew that this was the right choice for her team.
Learning how to use a new software platform can be a challenge, but Qualia's user-friendly interface and effective onboarding makes training for new users easy. The Qualia Platform is intuitive, simple to navigate, and Qualia University, Qualia's exclusive on-demand education portal for users, provides dozens of high-quality training materials for users to learn at their own pace. 
User-Friendly Platform
From entering order data to creating custom reports, users can easily maneuver throughout the Qualia platform. The platform is so user-friendly that users can access it from anywhere with ease. If users run into a challenge, they can find an answer through Qualia University, or speak with a knowledgeable Customer Success Representative.

“A couple of weeks ago, I logged into Qualia for the first time and I was easily able to see what we needed to do. If I can do this, anyone can do this.”

-Steve Presti, Vice President of Commercial Sales and Operations of Texas Excel Title


Qualia University

With many employees working from home, Qualia University was the ideal training solution for onboarding while social distancing. Amy shared that her employees were able to learn to use the platform from the comfort of their homes through the training videos within Qualia University. In addition to videos, articles containing step-by-step instructions are also included in Qualia University that illustrate tasks such as setting up seller financing or creating order templates. 

“One of the really cool things is that the person that I thought would resist the change the most has actually embraced the switch to Qualia the most. She watched all of the videos on Qualia University and was able to be really successful. She has loved using the platform and has become a raving fan.”
-Amy Torres, Owner of Texas Excel Title


After making the switch to Qualia, the Texas Excel Title team was able to prepare documents for closing in 75% less time than it took with their previous software. This change was possible because the Texas Excel Title team committed to exploring the platform and learning best practices through Qualia University. 

“We’re in the middle of so many things happening in our world. With Qualia, our team is able to take that on, process more files in less time, and save on operating costs.”

-Amy Torres, Owner of Texas Excel Title

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