Qualia Spotlight

American Federal Mortgage Company

Qualia Post is a technology solution that empowers lenders to automatically collect digital and physical title policies, mortgages, and other trailing documents. Hear how American Federal Mortgage Company (AFMC) is reducing post-closing costs and saving hundreds of hours each month with Qualia Post.

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“Getting final title policies from our title companies has been a difficult process for the 25 years that I've been in the mortgage industry. Qualia for lenders is the first tool we’ve used that helps facilitate the relationship between us and the title companies.”

- Andrew McElroy, Vice President of Mortgage Operations

cost efficiency-1
Post-closing costs are reduced
Hundreds of hours are saved each month
Closings occur more seamlessly

Ready for a more time and cost efficient way to communicate with title companies?

Qualia is a digital real estate closing technology company that provides the infrastructure to streamline the home closing experience. The company offers a suite of products that brings together homebuyers and sellers, lenders, title & escrow agents and real estate agents onto one secure shared platform. Qualia was founded in 2015 by Forbes 30 Under 30 Award recipients Nate Baker, Joel Gottsegen and Lucas Hansen. Since launching, the company has been named an ALTA Elite Provider, grown to over 220 employees, and recognized with the Great Place to Work Certification. The company is a leader in industry security and was the first technology company to join the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Qualia is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has offices in Austin, TX. For more information on Qualia, visit www.qualia.com