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Old Republic Title Operates Remotely and Efficiently with Qualia

Lalani Gomez ORT


Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager at Old Republic Title Agency, shares how Qualia has empowered her agents to streamline the closing process, while creating a remote and simple audit process for underwriters. The Qualia Platform has allowed her agents to maximize security, optimize efficiency, and provide a high-quality experience for their clients.


“I sat in a Qualia product demonstration about 2 years ago, and I loved it immediately. The entire Qualia team provides amazing support. I’ve been in the real estate industry for 15 years now, and Qualia is definitely one of the easiest platforms to use - I started suggesting my agents check out Qualia right away.”

- Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager

With Qualia, processing speeds are 5x faster.

Information is organized and easily accessible by underwriters for audits.
Through Qualia, title companies are able to stay ahead of the curve.
Streamlining the Closing Process
As an Agency Account Manager at Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Lalani Gomez partners with title companies and attorneys in South Florida to provide underwriting support and help them grow their businesses. Lalani often supports her title agents with software implementation, so when she first heard all the buzz about Qualia, she wanted to learn more to better understand the full usability and feature set of the platform.
Lalani believes the key benefit of Qualia for many of her agents is the ability to create “a more streamlined closing process for their teams”. With older outdated closing systems, repetitive manual data entry remains the norm, and integrations with underwriters are not always available. This not only leads to errors but slows the closing process, causing agents to rely on multiple platforms and data sources to complete a single closing. But with Qualia, Lalani has seen an increased efficiency among her title agents due to Qualia’s advanced workflow capabilities. They report an estimated 5x in their processing speed.
"The team at Qualia clearly knows how this industry works. I recommend Qualia because it simplifies the closing for our agents. And as an underwriter, it’s important for us that our agents streamline their processes because it reduces errors, allows them to process more orders, and makes it easier to generate and remit policies. This ultimately increases their bottom line, which in turn, increases ours. With our agents on Qualia, it helps us mitigate our risk and receive our premiums faster.” 
- Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager
Providing an Efficient Auditing Process
Qualia has also improved the auditing process for Lalani's team at Old Republic. With the old closing platforms, auditors often had to be sent physical hard copies of all reconciliations. Some auditors also traveled on-site to the title company’s office to receive necessary files, lengthening the audit process for both the title company and Old Republic. But with Qualia, auditors have been able to conduct audits remotely through Qualia’s cloud-based platform by requesting all this information in a secure, organized, and digital way from their agents. 
“The audit process is vital because that’s how we know if the agents are staying in compliance with all the regulations of Florida Department of Financial Services. So Qualia is wonderful in that it makes the audit process much easier. Our auditors don’t have to travel because they can just log in rather than pack up. It’s a big money and time-saver.” 
- Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager
Investing in the Future
With some of her clients having been on the same platform for many years, even on outdated decades old software, Lalani stresses the importance of being informed of the latest technology in the industry.
“I think it’s important for title companies to learn about Qualia because it’s one of the best tools in the industry. And in order to stay competitive, you need to know what tools are available and what your competitors are using.”
- Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager

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