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Unlock the Power of Your Data With the Qualia API

Leverage our GraphQL API to build executive-level reporting as well as connect Qualia to your accounting, CRM, and other in-house systems.

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One API, Many Applications

Use the Qualia API to securely access your data from Core and Connect to create custom reporting and integrations with other in-house systems

Get Executive-Level Analytics and Reporting

Access your comprehensive order-level data from Qualia to build custom, executive-level dashboards that track business performance across your settlement agency.

Integrate with Other Software Platforms

Connect your accounting, CRM, and BI platforms directly to Qualia to save your sales, marketing, and accounting teams time and empower them with more insights.

See Your Title Production Data in One Centralized Place

Aggregate your data from multiple title production systems into one centralized location to gain visibility into the performance of your settlement agencies.


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